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Image by Kelly Sikkema


Using a laser labeling system developed by us, the journey of the leather can be traced back to the animal. Together with slaughterhouses, we developed labels that provide more data such as the slaughterhouse, the slaughter date, the slaughter number, the ear tag number, and the quality. A complete proof of origin up to the birth of the animal is now possible through the laser marking with the ear tag number of the animal. The skin can also now be clearly traced back even after the tanning process.

We have been conducting research and development work for a long time and the laser marking is now integrated into our skin processing with a laser specially developed for us. Customers can order the laser-marked skins on request, which guarantee a transparent traceability of the skin back to the animal. When the skins are delivered, the QR code of the label is read on the skin using a scanner. This not only automatically stores the additional information of the label in our system, but also the ear tag number, which records the individual passport of the animal for each skin.


The focus when purchasing animals is on agricultural farms with special quality aspects such as organic and animal husbandry forms for better animal welfare. There is an implementation of special animal welfare criteria: "Animal Welfare Robust Program" with a focus on the slaughterhouse through camera surveillance, both internally and externally, as well as a roll-out during animal transport from the farm to the slaughterhouse. Slaughter takes place only in certified EU operations, with regularly successful controls.

Animal welfare
is close to
our hearts

Transparency and seamless traceability 
for the consumer

For the consumer who invests in a high-quality shoe, a great piece of furniture, or exclusive car equipment, the value of the product also lies in its history. TraceHides wants to allow the consumer to trace the origin of their product.
Using the unique code laser-etched into every TraceHides skin, the consumer receives all relevant origin data for the leather.


Because good leather quality is also dependent on factors such as appropriate animal husbandry, good animal health, and good treatment of animals.


Sustainable premium quality for high-end products

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