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Since the beginning of humanity, animal skins have been used and exploited. Cattle skins are a byproduct of the meat and dairy industry and are therefore part of a sustainable circular economy. Only the complete utilization of the animal is ethically justifiable. And unlike other materials, leather is very durable and becomes more beautiful with use.

Our work is part of a natural cycle. We refine the natural product skin into premium quality raw leather. As a skin processor and marketer, it is the basis of our work to be part of the value chain - from raw hide to beautiful leather product. As a globally operating skin marketer and one of the leading traders and processors in the skin industry in Germany, we see it as our responsibility to offer sustainable and traceable raw leather for industrial and craft leather production with high quality standards. For this purpose, we have developed an independent, reliable procedure for the transparency and traceability of our raw leather.

We are proud that we have been dealing with raw leather for generations: ecologically, optimally and socially responsibly.


Our quality and sustainability promise

  • Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do

  • The quality assurance of skins and furs starts with us directly at the supplier

  • TraceHides only processes hides from certified EU companies

  • Our rawhide is checked skin by skin and classified for further processing

  • The ear tag number of the animal is laser etched into the skin. This makes the skin traceable

  • We cover part of our energy needs with our own solar pane

  • Our external energy suppliers deliver electricity from 100% renewable energy

  • Our raw leather procurement is carried out with our modern, low-emission truck fleet


Is leather contemporary?

Leather is sometimes questioned in terms of its ecological sustainability and ethical acceptability.

Our opinion:

Leather is a natural, sustainable, and beautiful natural product. It is used in many industries such as the automotive industry, shoe making, furniture building, and fashion due to its versatility. TraceHides focuses on longevity, sustainability, and the utilization of the entire value chain. We define our values and communicate them. We feel that this is more transparent to the consumer than simply saying that we are sustainable.


Click on our video to learn more: 

Added value from a by-product.
One step closer to sustainability.
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